Master classes

Adult Masterclass

Culinary masterclasses for adults are now in Eurasia! Become a real sushi master!

You will find a cosy atmosphere, champagne and culinary secrets from our chefs 🧑🏻‍🍳

The masterclass will take place on 29 June at Eurasia restaurant at 47 European Union Avenue 🍣

We will learn how to cook a Philadelphia roll with salmon;

Duration: 1 hour.

👉 Participation by appointment, you can sign up at +380443381010

The cost of the master class is 400 UAH;

The number of places for the adult master class is limited, so the subscription fee is 200 UAH. In case of cancellation 24 hours before the master class, the subscription is not refundable;

Children's master classes

5 Rudnytskoho St. (restaurant on Teremky)
27E Svyatoshynska St. (restaurant in Vyshneve)
3 R.Okipnoi St. (restaurant on Livoberezhna)
40G Drahomanova St. (restaurant on Poznyaki)
19 Obolonskyi Ave. 22/20 (restaurant in Poznyaki)
44a Chervona Kalynya Ave. (restaurant in the end of Troyeshchyna)
84B Beresteyskyi Ave. (restaurant in Nyvky)
47 Pravdy Ave. (restaurant in Retroville shopping centre)
1 Kiltseva Road (restaurant in Respublika shopping centre)

5B Chervona Kalyna Ave. (restaurant near Zakrevsky)

The perfect way to spend time in an informative, interesting and fun way. For an hour, your child will plunge into a real culinary Disneyland. Together with the chefs of the restaurants, children will prepare their favorite dishes and drinks: rolls, burgers, raspberry tea, pizza, burritos, tiramisu, non-alcoholic mulled wine and many other culinary masterpieces. 

There will be aqua makeup or temporary tattoos, children's playrooms (check the addresses), and a glass of cool sparkling wine for parents.

📅 The master class takes place every Sunday 
⏳ Duration - 1 hour
👉 Participation by appointment, link to the registration form this link
💰 The cost of the master class is 300 UAH. 

💰 The cost of an individual master class is 350 UAH. 

Individual Masterclass

Individual sushi master classes for adults in Eurasia 🍣

You will find a cosy atmosphere, unlimited sparkling wine and culinary secrets from our chefs 🧑🏻‍🍳

The masterclass takes place by appointment (at least 2 days before the event), you can choose the date, time and restaurant yourself;

Duration: 1 hour.

👉 You can sign up at 0443381010

💰 The cost of the master class is 600 UAH 

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