Congratulations to the best cooks of this year!

30 august 2019

On August 29, a traditional Culinary Competition was held among the chefs of the Eurasia restaurants.

On August 29, the annual competition of culinary skills among the chefs of the Eurasia restaurants was held. The best of the best competed for the title.

We evaluated all the components of the cooking process — adherence to the recipe, artistry, and accuracy of cooking, taste, aesthetics of serving.

The jury was not easy to determine the winners — so cool the guys completed their tasks.

Meet the best chefs of Eurasia:
1st place — Igor Bondar, a restaurant on Shulyavka.
2nd place — Ivan Lavro, a restaurant in Troeshchyna.
3rd place — Elena Barannik, a restaurant at the Olympic.

People's Choice Award:
Valeria Tantsyura, a restaurant on Slavy Square.
Nikolay Melnyk, a restaurant in the Plazma.

Congratulations to the winners and wish them not to stop there and conquer new culinary peaks!

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