Lenten menu

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Spring is the time of everything new and unusual. That is why we have prepared for you an up-to-date novelty: a Lenten menu that will appeal to those who fast, as well as to everyone who does not consume animal products:

  • Broccoli cream soup;
  • Asian vegetable soup;
  • Green salad with Ering mushrooms;
  • Fuji soy asparagus with vegetables;
  • Pasta with Ering mushrooms and broccoli;
  • Vegetable Meat Burger;
  • Couscous with vegan meatballs;
  • Vegan roll;
  • Matcha Latte;
  • Kombucha «Ginger»;
  • Kombucha «Sea buckthorn-lemongrass».

Welcome back healthy, green and inspiring — updated Lenten menu.

Lenten menu
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