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Details about service

«I'll pick it up by myself» is a takeaway service. After placing an order on the website, by phone, or by using chat-bot in Viber or Telegram — you can pick it up at the restaurant you have chosen. Special offer «Happy Hours» applies to all orders.


How to make an order

  1. Make order by phone (044) 500-17-17, 0(800) 60-17-17, through the website evrasia.in.ua/togo. Orders are accepted daily from 10:00 to 22:00.
  2. Also, order your favorite dishes using the chat-bots in your favorite messengers: Viber and Telegram: evrasia.in.ua/viber, evrasia.in.ua/telegram — it's simply, quickly and easily.
  3. At the time of receipt of the order, you can coordinate with the operator when you confirm the order by phone. Time for cooking at least 1 hour from ordering.
  4. Get the order at a convenient time for you. Orders are issued daily from 11:00

Terms of Service

1. Taking orders

  • Orders are accepted by phone (044) 500-17-17, 0(800) 60-17-17, through the website evrasia.in.ua/togo or by using chat-bot in Viber or Telegram.
  • In case of making an order by the website, the operator will contact you to confirm the details, only after that, the order is transferred to work.
  • Communication of the Customer with Call Center operators should be based on the principles of generally accepted morals and communication etiquette. If the Customer uses obscene language, insults, threats, and if his appeal contains calls to incite national, racial, religious hatred, the operator has the right to immediately stop communicating with such Customer.
  • Takeaway orders cannot be eaten in the restaurant.

2. Working hours

  • The time for receiving orders by phone and processing applications from the site is from 10:00 to 22:00.

3. Receiving orders

  • Orders are made only for takeaway. There is no delivery service.*
  • We are waiting for you to order in a mask. Be aware and together we will overcome the virus!
  • You can get an order in any restaurant in Eurasia from 11:00 until the restaurant's close (according to their opening hours).
  • Time to prepare an order — from 1 hour.
  • For orders over 1000 UAH, the cooking time starts from 1 h 30 minutes and depends on the workload of the restaurant. More precise information will be provided by the operator at the time of the order.
  • The time for issuing orders may be increased due to the heavy workload of the restaurant or untimely receipt of orders.


4. Special offer «Happy Hours» 

  • All ordered dishes are subject to special offer «Happy Hours». Ordering one dish you'll get the second, the same, for free.
  • Promotional price for a special offer «Happy Hours» is valid only when ordering a takeaway.


5. The number of servings dishes

  • When ordering through the site you will immediately be offered a dish in the amount of 2 servings, when ordering one.
  • If you do not need dishes in double volume (for special offer) — notify the operator when you confirm the order.


6. Payment order

  • You have the opportunity to pay for the order online (with Liqpay) or when you receive it in a restaurant. In the restaurant, you can count on cash or with a payment card.
  • For bulk orders, the restaurant has the right to request an advance payment by the Customer to ensure that the order will take away on time and fully.
  • The discount card does not work for orders made by takeaway service.
  • The packaging does not include the value of the order.


7. Grounds for providing services


* If you make an order using external delivery services, please note that any of them is not an official partner of Eurasia. It is the delivery operator who is responsible for the service and timeliness of order execution.

«I'll take it myself»
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