Thai soup

The traditional spicy soup with seafood, champignons and ginger

89,00 UAH, 220 mL Spicy New

Suigedza with shrimp

Hearty soup with handmade dumplings, egg and Wakame seaweed

65,00 UAH, 290 g New

Spicy crab soup

Piquant spicy soup with snow crab, roasted vegetables, rice noodles, decorated with seaweed Nori

55,00 UAH, 250 g Spicy New

Cream soup with mussels

Cream-soup based cheese Cheddar with mussels

79,00 UAH, 220 g New

Pea soup with mint

The original cream soup of green peas with added mint, celery and vegetable cream

55,00 UAH, 310 g New

Miso Soup

Traditional Japanese soup

32,00 UAH, 205 g Hit!

Udon Soup

Chicken soup with Udon noodles, Wakame seaweed and egg

60,00 UAH, 340 g Hit!

Mushroom Cream Soup

Delicate champignon cream soup with crispy croutons

55,00 UAH, 185/5 g Hit!