Suigedza with shrimp

Hearty soup with handmade dumplings, egg and Wakame seaweed

65,00 UAH, 290 g New

Spicy crab soup

Piquant spicy soup with snow crab, roasted vegetables, rice noodles, decorated with seaweed Nori

55,00 UAH, 250 g Spicy New

Cream soup with mussels

Cream-soup based cheese Cheddar with mussels

79,00 UAH, 220 g New

Pea soup with mint

The original cream soup of green peas with added mint, celery and vegetable cream

55,00 UAH, 310 g New

Miso Soup

Traditional Japanese soup

32,00 UAH, 205 g Hit!

Udon Soup

Chicken soup with Udon noodles, Wakame seaweed and egg

60,00 UAH, 340 g Hit!

Mushroom Cream Soup

Delicate champignon cream soup with crispy croutons

55,00 UAH, 185/5 g Hit!