Salad with avocado and crab

Snow crab, avocado, roe Masaho, mayonnaise, sauce Shyrachi, Mash salad

110,00 UAH, 180 g Spicy

Seafood salad

Salmon, mussels, tiger shrimp, lettuce Mash, Lollo Rossa and Frise, tomatoes Cherry, tuna flakes, sauce "Chef"

170,00 UAH, 205 g New

Salad with chicken in sauce Teriyaki

Lettuce Mash, Lollo Rossa and Frise, chicken, sauce Teriyaki, sesame, vegetable sauce

75,00 UAH, 150 g New

Summer salad with mushrooms

Mushrooms, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, salad leaves Lola Biondi and mash salad, balsamic cream

85,00 UAH, 160 g New

Caesar chicken salad

Chicken breast, bacon, Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomato, crispy rusks, Parmesan cheese, quail eggs

95,00 UAH, 255 g Hit!

Chukka sarada

Pickled seaweed with satay sauce

69,00 UAH, 100/30 g Vegetarian dish

Japanese chicken salad

Nourishing chicken salad with fresh vegetables, dressed with mayonnaise and covered with thin potato straw

75,00 UAH, 210 g