Salad with tiger prawns in Pesto sauce

Tiger prawns, fried in Pesto sauce, are served with a mix of lettuce and citrus

160,00 UAH, 170 g New

Salad with tilapia in crispy pan

Tender fillet of tilapia in crispy panini with fresh vegetables and leaves of salads "Lollo Biondo","Rukola" and "Romen", in honey and mustard dressing

95,00 UAH, 150 g New

Warm salad with red beans and vegetables

Vegetable salad of roasted Bulgarian pepper, onion, fresh tomatoes and tender red beans sprinkled with cilantro

75,00 UAH, 180 g Vegetarian dish New

Olivier with a beef tongue

A traditional salad recipe, with the addition of beef tongue

85,00 UAH, 230 g New

Salad with Mozzarella Cheese and Pesto Sauce

Lettuce "Romen", fresh tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese, dressed with classic Pesto sauce

85,00 UAH, 125 g New

Loya Til

Traditional Uzbek salad, fried beef tongue, red beans and tomatoes

95,00 UAH, 150 g New

Fergana salad

Boiled beef tongue, mixed with pickled mushrooms, fresh and pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise under the crunchy potatoes

85,00 UAH, 140 g New

Salad of mango, avocado and shrimp

Cocktail shrimp, mango, avocado, lettuce "Mangold" salad "Arugula", branded dressing

145,00 UAH, 145 g New

Salad with salmon and cream cheese

Balls of cream cheese, wrapped in a tender fillet of Norwegian salmon, on a cushion of leaves of salads "Mangold", "Rukola", sprinkled with pumpkin seeds

125,00 UAH, 130 g New

Salad with chicken in buckthorn-ginger sauce

Spicy chicken in buckthorn-ginger sauce with leaves of "Mangold", "Arugula", decorated with pumpkin seeds

85,00 UAH, 125 g New

Octopus salad

Baby-octopus with crispy seaweed Chuka, bamboo shoots, ferns, black mushroom sauce based on sesame oil

115,00 UAH, 100 g New

Caesar chicken salad

Delicate chicken, lettuce "Iceberg" and "Lollo Biondo", bacon, quail eggs, tomatoes, "Parmesan" cheese, sauce "Caesar", crispy croutons

115,00 UAH, 255 g

Chukka sarada

Pickled seaweed with satay sauce

75,00 UAH, 100/30 g Vegetarian dish Hit!

Japanese chicken salad

Nourishing chicken salad with fresh vegetables, dressed with mayonnaise and covered with thin potato straw

82,00 UAH, 210 g Hit!