Maguro to sake tempura

Salmon, tuna, cream cheese, roe Masaho, cucumber, batter

150,00 UAH, 200 g New

Sake tempura roru

Salmon, snow crab, cream cheese, batter

150,00 UAH, 220 g New

Nighto maki

Salmon, cucumber, japanese omelet, sauce Shyrachi

85,00 UAH, 145 g New

Oysshi maki

Salmon, cucumber, avocado, sauce Yaki, sesame

85,00 UAH, 185 g New

Lucky maki

Tiger shrimp, salmon, snow crab, roe Masaho, sauce Spicy

95,00 UAH, 180 g New

Yume maki

Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, sesame

85,00 UAH, 180 g New

Nazomi maki

Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, sauce Spicy, green onion

85,00 UAH, 190 g New

America maki

Smoked eel, smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, sauce Unagi, sesame

145,00 UAH, 225 g New

Roll with mussels and bacon in tempura

Mussels, bacon, tomato, sauce Spicy

95,00 UAH, 220 g Spicy New

Roll with eel and banana tempura

Smoked eel, banana, cream cheese, roe Masaho, batter

125,00 UAH, 200 g New

Roll with asparagus in tempura

Asparagus, avocado, batter

85,00 UAH, 185 g New

Spring-roll with shrimp

Crispy roll with shrimp, paprika and pineapple

86,00 UAH, 75/20 g New

Spring-roll with tilapia

Crispy roll with tilapia, spinach and cream cheese

76,00 UAH, 75/20 g New

Spring-roll with chicken

Crispy roll with chicken, spinach and cream cheese

66,00 UAH, 75/20 g New

Rainbow roru

Salmon, tuna, chuka, snow crab, flying fish roe, cucumber sauce Spicy

159,00 UAH, 255 g Spicy New

Ebi burakku roru

Rice with cuttlefish ink, tiger prawn, chuka, takuan, walnut sauce

110,00 UAH, 180 g New

Sake burakku roru

Rice with cuttlefish ink, salmon, cream cheese, takuan, flying fish roe

110,00 UAH, 205 g New

Philadelphia maki

Salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber

105,00 UAH, 230 g

Unagi hit

Eel, cream cheese, Unagi sauce, cucumber

91,00 UAH, 180 g

Philadelphia maxi

Salmon, cream cheese

120,00 UAH, 220 g

Philadelphia green

Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber

85,00 UAH, 195 g