Lenten menu

Orange punch

Orange, ginger, cinnamon, orange juice, maracu syrup

45,00 UAH, 200 g Vegetarian dish New

Spin raspberry

Raspberry, honey, rosemary, cinnamon

45,00 UAH, 200 g Vegetarian dish New

Avocado salsa on crispy toast

Avocado, lime juice, rye toast

58,00 UAH, 60/3 шт. g Vegetarian dish New

Indian Soup Dale

Traditional Indian vegetarian soup with lentils, vegetables and spices

75,00 UAH, 310 g Vegetarian dish New

Vegetable roll in tempure

Soya cheese, spinach, marinated dacon, Bulgarian pepper, clay

78,00 UAH, 240 g Vegetarian dish New

Roll with mushrooms and seaweed

Shiitake mushrooms, chicks, pickled daikon, avocados, walnut sauce, Teriyaki sauce

78,00 UAH, 225 g Vegetarian dish New

Mushrooms and Tofu cheese in breading

Mushrooms and soy cheese in crispy pan, served with Chili World Sauce

58,00 UAH, 120/20 g Vegetarian dish New

Vegetables in "Teriyaki" sauce

Eggplant, zucchini, onion, champignons, Brussels sprouts, beans, Bulgarian pepper, in the Teriyaki sauce

85,00 UAH, 300 g Vegetarian dish New

Rice noodles with vegetables and mushrooms

Rice noodles with mushrooms "Shiitake" and "Moer", Bulgarian pepper, string beans, Brussels sprouts, in "Teriyaki" sauce, decorated with soy cheese

78,00 UAH, 310 g Vegetarian dish New

Pumpkin cream soup with coconut milk

Soup based on coconut milk and pumpkin with the addition of onions, garlic, ginger and spices

75,00 UAH, 380 g Vegetarian dish New

Salad with beetroot and Tofu cheese

Lettuce "Rukola" and "Lolo Biona", beets, soy cheese, Pesto sauce, pumpkin seeds

65,00 UAH, 125 g Vegetarian dish New