Children's menu

Salad of red and green

Vegetable salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers

35,00 UAH, 140 g New

Chicken soup with croutons

35,00 UAH, 285 g New

Soup with meatballs

35,00 UAH, 320 g New

Bows with cheese

Pasta with grated cheese

45,00 UAH, 190 g New

Chicken nuggets

Tender chicken breaded with crispy crackers

40,00 UAH, 55 g New

Chicken shashlik

25,00 UAH, 25 g New


Chicken, tomato, mayonnaise and grated cheese

60,00 UAH, 260 g New


Tender chicken Small meat-balls

40,00 UAH, 75 g New

Fruit roll

Strawberry, kiwi, banana and cream cheese wrapped in thin rice dough

45,00 UAH, 90 g New

Rice with sesame

25,00 UAH, 100 g New

French fries

25,00 UAH, 70 g New

Fruit Salad cat

Banana, strawberry, apple, orange

40,00 UAH, 110 g New

Milk shake

35,00 UAH, 175 g New

Special offers and discounts are not summarized.

The offer is only available in the restaurants
and is't available for order by the service "I'll pick myself."