Children's menu

Salad of red and green

Vegetable salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers

40,00 UAH, 140 g Vegetarian dish

Chicken soup with croutons

35,00 UAH, 285 g

Soup with meatballs

35,00 UAH, 320 g

Bows with cheese

Pasta with grated cheese

45,00 UAH, 190 g

Chicken nuggets

Tender chicken breaded with crispy crackers

40,00 UAH, 55 g

Chicken shashlik

25,00 UAH, 25 g


Tender chicken Small meat-balls

55,00 UAH, 75 g

Fruit roll

Strawberry, kiwi, banana and cream cheese wrapped in thin rice dough

45,00 UAH, 90 g

Rice with sesame

25,00 UAH, 100 g Vegetarian dish

French fries

27,00 UAH, 70 g Vegetarian dish

Milk shake

35,00 UAH, 175 g

n the section dish Children's menu is not covered by the action "Happy hour" and "Red price".

The offer is only available in the restaurants
and is't available for order by the service "I'll pick myself".