Chef's special menu

Tom Yam soup

Traditional Thai soup with shrimp and calamari, based on coconut milk

120,00 UAH, 380 g New

Tom Kha soup

Traditional Thai soup with chicken, based on coconut milk

80,00 UAH, 390 g New

Grilled roll with eel and green onions

Rice with cuttlefish ink, smoked eel, cream cheese, japanese omelette, green onions, sauce "Spicy"

130,00 UAH, 210 g Spicy New

Grilled roll with tuna and avocado

Rice with cuttlefish ink, tuna, avocado, cream cheese, japanese omelette, green onions, sauce "Spicy"

125,00 UAH, 210 g Spicy New

Grilled roll with ham and sesame seeds

Ham, cheese, japanese omelette, cheese sauce

89,00 UAH, 240 g New

Grilled cheese roll with bacon

Bacon, cream cheese, japanese omelette, chips "Tempura", cheese sauce

89,00 UAH, 190 g New

Grilled roll with shrimp and salmon

Rice with cuttlefish ink, cream cheese, salmon, salad shrimp, japanese omelette, sauces "Spicy" and "Unagi"

120,00 UAH, 245 g Spicy New

Chicken steak with mashed peas young

Rich chicken steak, served with mashed potatoes and young peas and creamy mushroom sauce

95,00 UAH, 240/40 g New

Beef medallions

Tender beef wrapped in bacon with a side dish with aubergine, zucchini, peppers and asparagus

150,00 UAH, 200/30 g New

Salad with canned tuna

The original salad of canned tuna, avocado, Iceberg and Friese lettuce

110,00 UAH, 165 g New

Mussels with bacon

The original appetizer of mussels and tomatoes wrapped in bacon and baked to a crisp

110,00 UAH, 5 pcs. New

Lemon pie

69,00 UAH, 100 g New

Mulled wine with ginger and sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn, ginger, honey, white wine, spices

55,00 UAH, 180 mL New

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