Classic combination of ingredients of Caesar salad in burger, juicy chicken in breadcrumbs, lettuce Romen, fresh vegetables in Caesar sauce

115,00 UAH, 275/50/30 g New


Rich burger with beef burgers, cheese "Cheddar", bacon, fresh salad "Romaine", tomatoes, onion and peanuts, in a rye bun

130,00 UAH, 290/50/30 g New


Cutlet from delicate fillet of tilapia and Norwegian salmon fillet, salad "Arugula", tomatoes, pickles, sauce "Tartar"

160,00 UAH, 275/50/30 g New


Traditional Texas Burger Recipe: chop beef, cream sauce with bacon, lettuce "Romaine" and "Arugula", Cheese "Cheddar"

140,00 UAH, 255/50/30 g New


Juicy burger with beef chip, mix of snow crab and avocado, BBQ sauce and Cheder cheese

140,00 UAH, 285/50/30 g New


Chicken cutlet, sauce Curry, сheese Cheddar, lettuce Iceberg, tomatoes, pickles, bun with sesame seeds

120,00 UAH, 185/50/30 g New

Each burger is served with french fries and sauce of your choice:
• Barbecue
• Tar Tar
• Caesar
• Honey mayonnaise