Everyday from opening until 15:00


Gifts for clients: coffee, tea, uzvar or glass of wine

Pancakes with cheese

45,00 UAH, 130/30 g New

Cheese dumplings

55,00 UAH, 130/30 g New

English breakfast

Omelet with onions and tomatoes, sausages, bacon, fresh vegetable salad, beans, mushrooms, green beans, chiabata and cheese

95,00 UAH, 540 g

Healthy breakfast

Fruit salad, pancakes with cheese, cheese dumplings, strawberry jam, sour cream

95,00 UAH, 375/30/30 g

As a gift to the breakfast: coffee, tea, uzvar or a glass of wine.

Everyday since opening hours to 3 p.m.

At breakfast discount on discount cards and service "Take myself" does not apply. On the other discounts, special offers and promotions not summed.

The offer is only available in the restaurants
and is't available for order by the service "I'll pick myself."