You save 20% with dishes from "Assorted" section


Action "Happy hours" doesn't apply to all menu items from "Assorted" section

Moriavase shock

4 rolls: Nighto maki, Yume maki , Nazomi maki, Oysshi maki

290,00 UAH, 700 g New

Moriavase phila

6 rolls: Roll shock, Unagi hit, California tobiko maki, Yume maki, Philadelphia tobiko maki, Philadelphia green

430,00 UAH, 1135 g New

Moriavase classic

6 rolls: Kyoto maki, Kappa maki, California tobiko maki, Unagi maki, Sake maki, Philadelphia maki

380,00 UAH, 930 g New

Moriavase hot

3 rolls: Kayesi Maki, Yaki unagi maki, Tori maki

270,00 UAH, 675 g New

Moriavase maki

3 rolls: "Philadelphia maki" (salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber), "Kayesi maki" (baked bacon, mussels, cream cheese, cucumber, sauce "Unagi"), "Unagi Maki fusion '(smoked eel, cream cheese, Japanese omelet, green onion, sauce "Spicy")

299,00 UAH, 690 g Spicy

Moriavase Van

5 pieces of assorted sushi and 1 roll: (sushi: salmon, tuna, grouper, scallop, Japanese omelet; roll with salmon)

130,00 UAH, 240 g

Action "Happy hours" doesn't apply to all menu items from "Assorted" section.
You save 20% with dishes from "Assorted" section.

The offer is only available in the restaurants
and is't available for order by the service "I'll pick myself."