Niniku ebi

Juicy tiger shrimps roasted in a creamy garlic sauce, served with rice

145,00 UAH, 180 g New

Asparagus with tofu and shiitake mushrooms

Crispy asparagus, grilled shiitake mushrooms and tofu in ginger-sesame dressing

95,00 UAH, 190 g New

Gedza with shrimp

Traditional Japanese handmade shrimp dumplings (fried or boiled) with Gedza sauce

70,00 UAH, 5шт/30 g

Yaki sifudo maki

The original deep fried roll with salmon, stripped bass, cream cheese, egg and leek

110,00 UAH, 150/30 g Hit!

Igai yaki

Baked mussels in Yaki sauce

120,00 UAH, 5 pcs. Hit!

Yakitori Ika


45,00 UAH, 45 g Spicy

Yakitori Tori


35,00 UAH, 50 g

Yakitori Khatsu

Chicken hearts

35,00 UAH, 50 g