Yaki chiken maki

The original fried roll with chicken, cream cheese, egg and leek

105,00 UAH, 145/30 g New

Squid in tempura

Squid rings in batter

75,00 UAH, 150/30 g New

Yakitory gutan

Grilled beef fillet and leeks, in the Teriyaki sauce

45,00 UAH, 60 g New

Chicken stripsy

Chicken fillet fried in Panco crackers, served with "Sweet Chili" sauce, "Tar Tar" or "Barbecue" to choose from

78,00 UAH, 110/30  g

Tartar of Norwegian Salmon

Classic cold appetizer with salmon fillet

145,00 UAH, 145 g

Fried Mozzarella cheese

Slices of cheese "Mozzarella-babe" in breadcrumbs, deep fried

82,00 UAH, 100/20  g

Vegetables in tempura

Fresh vegetables (paprika, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, mushrooms) in a batter

75,00 UAH, 165/60 g Vegetarian dish

Gedza with shrimp

Handmade dumplings with shrimp (fried or boiled)

82,00 UAH, 5шт/30 g

Shrimp tempura

Tiger shrimps in batter

125,00 UAH, 70/30  g

Yaki sifudo maki

The original deep fried roll with salmon, stripped bass, cream cheese, egg and leek

137,00 UAH, 145/30 g Hit!

Igai yaki

Baked mussels in Yaki sauce

125,00 UAH, 5 pcs. Hit!

Yakitori chicken

Grilled chicken in sauce Teriyaki

38,00 UAH, 50 g Hit!

Yakitori chicken hearts

Grilled chicken hearts in sauce Teriyaki

38,00 UAH, 50 g Hit!