Karaoke-halls in Eurasia restaurants
Permanent action
Karaoke-halls in Eurasia restaurants
  • Park Nivki (84v Peremohy Ave). Hall for 15 seats.
  • 5 Williams str. Hall for 15 seats.
  • 2 Bessarabska Square. Hall for 10 seats.
  • 44a Mayakovskogo Ave. Hall for 15 seats.
  • You can reserve the Karaoke hall for UAH 200 /hour or UAH 100 /30 min.
  • The Karaoke visit without pre-reservation making costs UAH 75 /hour for 1 person. 
For more information, please, contact our restaurant administrators.

Working hours of Karaoke-hall in restaurant at 5 Vilyamsa is 11 am – 10 pm.

The promotional offer is underway in the following restaurants: